“Life is about being bothered . . .”

The MGL Media production team conceived the “Life Of” project as a way to make a series of short films about ‘individuals who have a passion for what they do and a desire to inspire others.’

By following this simple statement of intent, they hope to create engaging films about fascinating people, highlighting that what a person does can define who they are.

From photographers, to fitness fanatics, to artists, “The Life Of” films not only shed light on these individuals and their interesting lives, but also their motivations and influences to inspire those around them.

The production team is constantly looking for potential subjects so, if you think you have a story to tell, we would love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you. We look forward to bringing you more films soon. In the meantime please check out our first film ‘Life Of a Pinhole Photographer’ and keep spreading the word.

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