The Life of a Writer – Kate Harrison

Kate Harrison is a British writer of both fiction and non-fiction titles including her recent novel, The Boot Camp and her best-selling healthy-eating project, The 5:2 Diet Book. Kate is based in Brighton, which made a great setting for the film.

Kate Harrison, writer

“I can’t stop it – it’s a bit of an addiction.”

Like any successful creative, Kate is passionate about her work and is driven to write, and to tell interesting stories. It was fascinating to to gain an insight in to her creative process and to gain a sense of what it takes to be a successful published author.

Kate Harrison Showing Book Structure

“You shouldn’t fake it.”

The image above shows Kate demonstrating one of the techniques she uses to structure intricate plot points and multiple storylines. Throughout the film, Kate gives some great advice and tips for aspiring writers, as well as inspiration for anyone who has a desire to work in a creative field.

Once again, we were privileged to be able to use the ‘Life Of’ series to meet such an interesting and talented individual and to produce another film that we hope you will enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it.

Please take the time to watch the film and find out more about Kate at her website.

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